This site is a place for me to post some snippets of my favorite projects, and a few items from my portfolio. Please know this list is not all-inclusive. I've simply cherry picked a few of my favorites. If you would like more code samples, or more examples of my work, please feel free to email me
eemove - Capistrano'esk automated deployment for ExpressionEngine

Automated deployment for ExpressionEngine websites. Built as a utility class to help automate the tedious process of deploying websites. This program will push/pull themes, uploads, app, system, add-ons, and even databases across various environments.

Program to communicate with Philips hue light system

I was looking for a simple toggle to turn on/off certain lights in my system to a specific color in a non-intrusive way. Although there are a plethora of programs floating about already for the Philips Hue system, none were quite what I as after, so I built one!

Distributed Content Harvesting using Thread Pools

Web content harvesting encompassing retrieval and parsing of content is generally a pre-cursor to analysis tasks such as search, placement of ads, and relevance ranking. As of part of this project I developed a distributed content harvester that uses thread-pools to retrieve and parse content.

Distributed Hash Table

This code sample is a portion of a DHT implementation in Java. This example shows the code for the Messaging Nodes. There is also a Registry for which the Messaging Nodes connect and register. For a more detailed example of this implementation feel free to email me.

A Good Moving Company web app

A Good Moving Company website and web application. This was a complete refresh of the A Good Moving Company website. However, the most interesting part of this build was the web application that backs the front end website. It features full authentication capabilities with content administration making use of a SQL database with basic CRUD operations for managment and staff.