A Good Moving Company web app

A Good Moving Company website and web application. This was a complete refresh of the A Good Moving Company website. However, the most interesting part of this build was the web application that backs the front end website. It features full authentication capabilities with content administration making use of a SQL database with basic CRUD operations for managment and staff.

The application also makes use of member groups to limit the amount and type of content each group is able to administer.

It also makes use of a scheduling implemnetation which is integrated into three other compnents of the application. When an employee enters availability the system displays information indiciating how many employees are needed for a given day, how many have indicated they are available, and how many have confirmed. This alows administration to quickly see if they have the needed coverage for the day.

Employee Administration

It also makes use of auto-confiration via email. When a client is booked, an email confirmation will automatically be generated and sent to them to confirm their information. In addition a unique code is generated so they can log into the system to view their Bill of Lading and to allow them to agree to the terms of service.

I made us of the Mandrill API for the email confirmations, and for general email tracking. The Google Maps API was integrated as well so employees could quickly generate directions based on the customer from/to address fields entered.

Google Maps

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