Automated deployment for ExpressionEngine websites. Built as a utility class to help automate the tedious process of deploying websites. This program will push/pull themes, uploads, app, system, add-ons, and even databases across various environments.

Heavily inspired by Wordmove — there was no good solution for ExpressionEngine, so this utility was born. Could also be easily adapted to work with Drupal, or any other CMS software for that matter.

Capistrano is great, but it can be a little to complicated for some builds. This utility aims to remedy that.

It uses rsync to sync various directories and files and mysql and mysqldump for database migrations. It relies on SSH-2 for connecting to remote servers via ssh and issuing scp commands. It also utilizes SNAKE-Yaml for digesting the generated YAML config file.

This utility will connect to remote server using PKA if configured, else it will use password via expect to ensure as much security as possible.

Please see the eemove GitHub repo for details and up-to-date code. The ‘releases’ tab also holds some pre-compiled jar files for quick use without the need to compile the source yourself.

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