I was looking for a simple toggle to turn on/off certain lights in my system to a specific color in a non-intrusive way. Although there are a plethora of programs floating about already for the Philips Hue system, none were quite what I as after, so I built one!

This program is designed to find your Hue Bridge, register a new user, and then discover the lights in your system automatically. Once the discovery process has finished, you are presented with a screen to select which lights you would like to be toggled, and to which color they should turn on to. Currently the brightness isn’t set, simply the color (or hue/saturation). A configuration file is built based on your desired settings, and each successive launch will simply load the config file and determine whether to turn the desired lights on/off. Simple!

You can view the GitHub project page here to view/download the source, or grab the compiled executable jar file.

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